Robotic Bariatric Surgery

The worldwide increasing rates of obesity and the cases of Bariatric Surgery led to the use robots in the Bariatric Surgery. Also familiar as weight loss surgery, Bariatric surgery is applicable for the persons whose obesity is becoming the reason for their serious health problems. Bariatric surgery is recommended to those who failed to reduce their weight through non-surgical methods. As the number of obesity cases used to increase at an alarming rate during the past decade, then the idea of using robot for this surgery came into existence. Benefits of Robotic Bariatric Surgery: Having number of benefits over the open abdominal bariatric surgery, the Robotic Bariatric Surgery has become more popular.

Its benefits include:

  • Enhanced visualization
  • Improved dexterity and control
  • Take less time for surgery
  • Less pain to the patient
  • Short incisions and ultimately, less blood loss
  • Less complications
  • Early recovery
  • Reduced medication
Robotic gastric bypass surgery
Robotic gastric sleeve surgery
Robotic gastric band surgery